OWNER & OPERATOR | 2008 – 2011


  • Brand Partnerships
  • Budget Forecast
  • Created concept, design, name
  • Created bottle list & cocktail list
  • Created pop-ups & satellite locations at Art Basel Hamptons, Sundance Film Festival, Superbowl
  • Day to day upkeeping, maintenance & scheduling
  • Handled all book keeping & payroll
  • Handled all DJ bookings
  • Handled all food & beverage
  • Handled all front of house operations & staffing
  • Handled all marketing, press & special events
  • Oversaw staff of 35+
  • Raised Capital
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Secured liquor license


  • Approved the employment and termination of food and beverage employees and was responsible for coordination of on the job training programs throughout department managers on a regular basis
  • Brand partnerships
  • Coordinated the selection, purchasing, storage, inventory, maintenance and usage of all related food and beverage supplies and equipment
  • Coordinated the development, interpretation and implementation of hotel policies, operating procedures, and training programs, manuals, directives, menus, works schedules and regulations for the food and beverage staff and personal
  • Created cocktail list
  • Created brunch, lunch & dinner menu (along with Chef)
  • Day to Day upkeeping, maintenance & scheduling
  • Developed & managed execution of rooms/food & beverage division budgets and revenue forecasts
  • Developed & implemented controls for expense management
  • Developed new techniques of services towards maximizing guest satisfaction at minimum operating costs – Ensured staff was utilizing labor management tools to schedule & control labor costs.
  • Ensured staff was utilizing labor management tools to schedule & control labor costs.
  • Handled all food & beverage back of house and front of house operations
  • Handled all food & beverage back of house and front of house staffing
  • Handled all guest complaints in the food & beverage area
  • Handled all marketing, press & special events
  • Interviewed, hired, trained, developed, perfomance evaluations, resolved staff problems
  • Oversaw all operations: bar, club, in room mini-bars, restaurant, lounge, penthouse, roof deck
  • Oversaw staff of 75+
  • Responsible for obtaining maximum results in the utilization and appearance of the food & beverage area, the quality levels, performance and standards of service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Worked closely with local, state and government organizations in maintaining highest standards of health, sanitation, and cleanliness in food and beverage area

Sons of Essex

OWNER & OPERATOR | 2011 – APRIL 2013
  • Created concept
  • Created name, logo and holds all trademarks
  • Designed entire venue
  • Curated all brand partnerships
  • Oversaw all operations
  • Community Board outreach and signed all stipulations
  • Secured liquor license.
  • Created cocktail list
  • Created food menu
  • Designed kitchen layout
  • Handled all Day to Day BOH and FOH operations
  • Handled all Customer Service Operations
  • Handled all Kitchen Operations
  • Handled all marketing, press and social media
  • Handled all special events