indiefork-logo‘s experienced team handles all hiring, staffing, training and supervision of all “Front of House” (FOH) responsibilities.  Our accomplished, seasoned and veteran organization is made up of:

  • assistant general manager
  • barbacks
  • baristas
  • bartenders
  • bussers
  • director of operations
  • food & beverage director

  • general managers
  • host / hostess
  • maltre’d
  • managers
  • porters
  • servers
  • security

indiefork-logo-cyan‘s “Front of House” team prides itself on cultivating flawless experienced operations and stellar customer service. 

Proper FOH (Front of House) implementation of company policies and procedures, along with customer service training and offering knowledge is an integral part of each and every F & B operations.
indieFORK implements a company wide training schedule known as our “indieFORK 15 Step Training Process” for each and every potential new team member.

indieFORK 15 Step Training Process:
1. Employee Application Filled Out
2. indieFORK Fact Sheet Given Out
3. Overview Packets Given Out (along w/ take-home copies of all of our menus)
4. Employee Handbook Review & Discussion (Company Policy & Procedures)
5. Training 1 (including all opening duties)
6. Post Training 1 Evaluation & Review
7. Training 2 (including all closing duties
8. Post Training 2 Evaluation & Review
9. Training 3
10. Post Training 3 Evaluation & Review
11. 1 Hour Management x Trainee Meeting
a) go over POS questions
b) go over Cocktail questions
c) go over Menu questions
d) go over Wine questions
12. Company Knowledge Test is Given
13. Peer to Peer Evaluation and Paperwork Given
14. Trainee Fills Out “Training Paperwork: Experience & Overview Questionnaire”
15. Team Member is Added to Schedule

Beyond customer service is establishing and recognizing customer preferences, while also acknowledging genuine customer feedback to help improve our overall operations.

indieFORK distributes the below Forms at the end of each and every meal, and then this content, data and information is inserted into our OpenTable system for each guest profile, to help streamline future guest reservations, such as favorite bottle of wine, favorite dish, favorite server, favorite table, and other various preferences to ensure an enhanced customer service experience, raising the bar each and every visit.

download-customer-surveyThis also gives guests an opportunity to give feedback, while suggesting ideas, helping them not only improve our indieFORK experience, but also be a part of our continued growth.

Feel free to also visit indieFORK’s Matt Levine interview with Opentable, describing “5 Front of House Ways to Reinvent Restaurant Marketing,” including “Soliciting Guest Feedback”